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Palmas Pickleball Resort and Academy Rendering 2 Los Barriles BCS Mexico


Hello, and thank you for your interest in Palmas Pickleball Resort and Academy. We are very fortunate to live here among our many local Los Barriles friends, those who spend the season here, and those who vacation here. Construction is ahead of schedule for our projected finish date of November 1, with walls for the bar, food service, and pro shop already being erected. We are working with the Van Wormer family with the goal of creating a world class pickleball experience in the special, breathtaking, and convenient location of Hotel Palmas de Cortez and Spa. As we continue to move forward to join communities and build this resort, we want to keep you apprised of our progress, our upcoming events, and our plans while creating this 24-court world class facility. I am working personally with a number of people and organizations who are coming together to bring pickleball to the next level here in our town and in all of Baja and beyond. We will provide the best services at fair prices, and will bring quality management and opportunities to all guests and residents.


Welcome to the first issue of Around the Post. With every issue we plan to keep members and subscribers to the newsletter apprised of all Palmas Pickleball Resort happenings. There are so many things to be excited about! Round robins, ladder leagues, regional leagues, clinics, lessons, three and me lessons, play with a pro, and video lessons are just some of the activities that will be available weekly. We will also have social events like live music days and PPA watch parties.

We are planning camps with pros like Tyson McGuffin, Lee Whitwell, Scott Moore, and Kevin Beeson. We even will have a full Spa with massage, physical therapy, chiropractor services, and mani/pedi offerings. The spa will have a recovery room with cold plunges and an area for exercise and stretching.

We are happy to announce that we have secured sponsorships with ExotiKite, Baja Properties, Kevin Beeson, and we will be adding many more to the list in July. News of the resort is spreading fast, and November thru May we already have several group trips booked from companies and pickleball clubs across the US, Canada, and Mexico. If you know of a club or group who would like to book a trip to Palmas Pickleball Resort, contact [email protected]. We can arrange their whole trip, from pick-up at the airport to drop-off at the hotel, to all activities at the club and in town.

Also, we are still accepting memberships, and in the coming weeks we’ll be announcing our exact program schedule and special pricing for the local community.

Most importantly, the construction on the facility is ahead of schedule. The entire crew has been working tirelessly to be open for the November 1, 2024 Opening date. The newsletter and website will continue to be updating everyone on the progress of the construction, and we are thrilled to know that the plans are coming to life, on time! Below are a few recent photos of the construction and in the following week we will be sending more photos of the construction. Our instagram page @palmaspickleballresort also posts updates on the construction.

Around the Post is available to everyone, so feel free to encourage others to sign up for the newsletter so they too can receive information on PPR happenings. You can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of our website,, or if you have any questions or ideas for the newsletter or resort, email [email protected].


The USA Pickleball Official Rule Book consists of 88 pages as of 2024 and continues to evolve along with the sport. New rules and changes to the rules can sometimes lead to disputes on the court, so Around the Post will look at one new rule each issue and provide clarification.

One new rule addresses carrying or catching the ball during a serve or rally. In the past, if a pickleball stalled or rolled off the paddle face instead of bouncing off of it, the hit was considered one continuous motion and legal. When most of us carry the ball during a game, it is an accidental occurrence; it was not our intention to cleverly stall the ball on our paddle and completely miff our opponents even though we were secretly glad we did.

However, insanely good players have shown that it is within the realm of possibility to do this deliberately; hence the rule. Regardless of a player’s intention, Section 7 of the Official Rule Book lists as a fault the following: “A player carrying or catching the ball on the paddle while performing the serve or during a rally.” There is no need to determine whether the player had carried the ball deliberately or accidentally. A carry is a fault.


Palmas Pickleball Resort Professional Daron Lapping

Welcome our future working Pickleball Professional Daron Lapping!

Meet Daron Lapping, Palmas Pickleball Resort’s future working pro. Daron, a true student of the game, grew up in Washington State, just two hours from where the first pickleball court was built. He won his first pickleball tournament in 2005 at his high school championship. Yes, those lucky kids got to play pickleball in school!

Daron was an avid golfer and golf pro for four years at Skamania Lodge where he holds one course record of 63 and tied another at 64. He was introduced to Los Barriles in 2018 by Dan Treat, a long-time Baja resident. At that time, Daron’s focus was golf, and on the very grass that is now the home of Palmas Pickleball Resort, he would hit golf balls for 5 hours a day.

In 2020 Daron found his love and passion for pickleball again with the help of Tony Krause and Kevin Beeson. He quickly became a rising star, winning his first 5.0 and Open tournaments less than two years later. He is now the Head Pro at Westmoor Club on Nantucket in the summertime and will be a pro at Palmas Pickleball Resort in the winter.

When asked to share one of his favorite tips, Daron replied, “Play the ball, don’t let the ball play you.” This tip is evident in Daron’s game, as he has excellent hands and touch, playing a skillful, controlled game that’s very fun to watch. He adds, “Early preparation and footwork are essential to having control in pickleball. Also, learning a small amount of strategy goes a long way.” Look for Daron on the court this season, watch him play, and you might want to book a lesson!


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